Our Story

It has been said

He who tells the story shapes the culture.

We work with storytellers, helping them do what god has gifted them to do.

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In 2018, Endeavor Content recognized that Hollywood was underserving a large market— an audience our Founder, Ben Howard understood and had a track record for reaching, having spent his career working in, and at the helm of many successful christian music and film projects (including Michael W. Smith and Reunion Records, The Veggie Tales, War Room, and I Can Only Imagine). EC tapped Ben Howard because he understood the tension between Art+ Commerce+ and Faith, and he knew how to lead creative endeavors in a way they could reach an audience and be successful, and the creative’s work could be sustainable.

Now, we’re a small team with 60+ years combined experience in the talent agency, music-business, film and tv worlds, with a big, shared passion for story and reaching audiences.

Our relationship with Endeavor gives us a door into WME and Endeavor Content, providing access to the largest talent roster in the world, as well as advistory services. Our past experience and relationships connect us to other agencies, doors to platforms and distribution, And our location in an artist-rich city-- Nashville, Tennessee; gives us a pulse on the audience for whom we’re producing content and enables us to tap into the creative energy of Nashville!

Our Team

Mission driven

Ben Howard


Erin Mae Miller

/ Creative Development Executive