The People

Ben Howard


Erin Mae Miller

/ Creative Development Executive

Kate Jackson

/ Dir Business Affairs

From carrying Josh McDowell’s suitcase of books as an intern, to running marketing for Reunion Records, the label that launched some of the most reknown artists in the Christian music business, to running Sony’s Provident films, and then finally going Independent to launch Third Coast Content, Ben has always had a passion for coming alongside creative people, using his business accumen to shepherd great ideas and talent, enabling them to reach audiences and see strong returns. FUN FACT: BEN IS A STORM CHASER WHO HAS TRACKED MAJOR TORNADOS AND CONTINUES TO HOLD A GREAT FASCINATION WITH THE WEATHER.
Joining us from the production world in NYC, Erin brings experience spanning a wide scope of role and content— from development to production services and across all genres— scripted, non-scripted, documentary and feature films. She’s worked with Amazon Originals, History, DIscovery, TLC, OWN, E!, VH1, and even wrote and directed her own documentary for PBS! Erin steps into all things story and creative, including packaging and building our pipeline of creative material. FUNFACT: ERIN’S FIRST JOB IN FILM WAS AS THE STAND-IN, PHOTO DOUBLE, AND STUNT DOUBLE FOR ISLA FISHER IN CONFESSIONS OF A SHOPAHOLIC AND THEN FOR KRISTEN BELL IN WHEN IN ROME.
Kate is the Swiss Army knife of TCC! She handles all things business affairs, finance affairs, company operations, ensuring processes are in place to keep things moving forward for all facets of our business. She’s involved with fundraising efforts, and steps into all aspects of development and production. Prior to TCC, she managed a think tank/executive education center at the Kellogg Graduate School of Business for executive women, whose mission is to get more women in the highest ranks of Fortune 500 companies. FUN FACT: KATE IS AN EARLY BIRD SPIN INSTRUCTOR AND HAS RUN 18 MARATHONS, INCLUDING THE BOSTON 6 TIMES.